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Difference Between a Business VS. Residential Garage Door?

Every garage door is designed with the same purpose which is to allow vehicles or people as well as other devices to enter and leave the garage or any other large space. But, there are some significant distinctions between garage doors that are used for business and homes. The name distinguishes residential garage doors from commercial doors that are designed for industrial or commercial applications. What is the difference between commercial and residential garage doors? And what are the reasons we require the different types that are garage doors? Find out more information about the various garage door styles in the next paragraphs to decide which one is right for you.

What are the Sizes of Garage Door

The dimensions of commercial and residential garage doors could be among the first differentiators you’ll encounter. Garage doors for commercial use are generally considerably larger to be able to handle bigger vehicles. However, this can vary according to how they’ll be utilized. Industrial equipment or large semi-trucks may require doors for garages that are substantially bigger than the typical garage door for homes.

For residential garage doors, the standard height is seven feet and the majority are between nine and eight feet wide. For those who own RVs or other unique situations, more elaborate and custom sizes are also available but they’re usually made-to-order for residential garage doors. Commercial doors may be more suitable for larger installations on a house such as an RV. But, prior to installing an extra large door such as this, make sure you check with your homeowner’s association if they have one and determine what restrictions are in place regarding the size of garage doors in the area you live in. Contact our Experts at Garage Door Repair North Miami FL to learn more.

The two types of doors are different in regard to size and weight. Although garage doors are generally at least 200lbs for residential usage, and more for commercial applications All garage doors are quite heavy. Garage doors for commercial use are usually comprised of stronger, more heavy materials, with the final product typically weighing 1000 pounds or more.


The materials used in the construction of commercial and residential garage doors make a major difference. Based on the budget, style, and style preferences of every homeowner the residential garage doors can be constructed from a wide range of materials, which includes different kinds of metal and wood. Different kinds of materials provide unique looks and may match the styles of other features on the outside. Steel doors are durable, while steel doors provide endurance, wooden doors can have the best aesthetic appeal. Each of these components can have advantages and disadvantages.

But, the variety of materials that are used in commercial garage doors is significantly smaller. The doors for commercial garages typically contain minerals and metals like aluminum, iron or mixed metals due to the intense use they typically encounter. They are subject to more wear and tear than the typical garage door because of the constant closing and opening all day. The heavy-duty doors appear odd in a residential setting but they are in harmony with the industrial design of a lot of commercial structures.


As opposed to commercial doors aesthetics play greater importance in the garage doors for residential use. Particularly when it’s part of a garage that is attached to the house The garage door is often an important element of the curb appeal of the home. This is why a variety of residential garage doors are now equipped with decorative features such as windows, attractive hardware, as well as eye-catching colors and patterns. Owners can choose the right garage door to match the overall design of their house due to the wide range of designs and colors offered. To create a more cohesive look, homeowners often select their garage doors to match the exterior elements of the exterior of their property.

However, when it comes to doors for commercial use, appearances may be considerably less significant. While many industrial and business structures still prefer to have the same appearance and style, a more sleek and practical door is ideal for this kind of structure. Commercial garage doors typically lack the distinctive patterns, colors, and other features that help residential garage doors stand out from the rest. They are typically made in simple styles with flat or roll-up doors that are painted in subtle hues such as beige, white or gray. Commercial doors are still attractive, especially those with a modern modern look in the event that the focus is on their practicality.


One thing you’ll be able to see immediately is the significant price distinction between residential and commercial garage doors. Commercial garage doors typically cost much more to buy as well as install and repair. This is due to the fact that commercial doors are constructed from stronger materials and feature an industrial grade, which is strong enough and capable of enduring the rigors. Commercial doors must meet higher security standards and are usually built to order for specific locations or purposes, which can increase their price. They need specially-designed door openers that are able to support the weight of these bigger, stronger doors, as well as withstand greater use.

Commercial doors are not as popular in residential areas because of the fact that they are largely due to their higher price. In the case of the typical house garage, larger doors are not usually necessary because of the cost.

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